Events and happenings in Teri's art life

Time Goes By In A Blink

| 09 August, 2013 21:12

Wow, its true, time really does go by in a blink of an eye!  It is almost the end of summer, and we are about to be grandparents for the third time. Amazing that we can say we are grandparents still, much less a third time.  We are going to be blessed with yet another grandson, which my husband is thrilled about another dose of testosterone coming into our family after three daughters.  What does this mean to my art, you say? It actually has taught me to utilize my painting time more effiiciently, when they sleep, I paint.  It has taught me to slow down and appreciate the view of the world from a lower viewpoint, (literally) and also from tiny eyes seeing things for the first time, with awe and too appreciate our ability to do basic functions to maintain a healthy body. What a great gift the "guys" really are, I can't wait to meet the third grandson:)